Zdeněk & Katka Uhlik - Czech Republic

Olinka Němečková, March 11, 2010

Good evening Mr. Uhlík, here is my story.
My husband committed suicide two and half years ago. He was so desperate that he jumped under a train. My life collapsed in this one moment. We lived together for 34 years and now I was left alone. I started to reproach myself that I probably could avoid it if I had more time for him. I went through rage and sorrow and ultimately the resignation arrived. That is when my health problems started. First, on the smaller scale, and I told myself I will follow my husband. Then other problems appeared, so severe that I fell into complete apathy. My life finished and I got lost and did not want to find the way back.

Help came along without my asking for it. My friend, who I respect enormously, has sent me your way, dear Mr. Uhlík. When you put your hands on my head and said those few beautiful sentences, which I did not fully understand, something happened which I have to call a miracle. The word miracle to me is something that cannot be reasonably explained, so I will describe it a little. Due to the fact I suffered with chilling I began to feel the heat flowing from the tips of my toes slowly into the whole body. It was very pleasant, but unnatural. I burst into tears, even though I had forgotten to cry before. I would compare it with someone cleaning the wound after snakebite.

Eventually, an enormous distress fell away from me – like I had a huge boulder on my chest. I could breathe fresh air again, and with it so much energy and joy was spilled in me that it cannot be described. I felt sudden joy and God´s presence so closely.

My whole life is changed fundamentally. My health has improved so much that smaller problems disappeared, and regarding those critical and life-threatening – I dare to keep them in safe distance, as much as it is possible. I am confident that God gave me a helping hand. Now it is up to me how I grasp it, and prove that He did not waste time with me just to let me fall. I thank him for all, sincerely. Suddenly, I realize that He has been accompanying me through my whole life, but I was only thinking of him when I was not able to cope with something alone. I even never thanked Him, and took everything as common and normal. I miss people with whom I could talk about everything and pray together. Every day I pray and I thank for every little thing. And because I know that you trust me, I will tell you all. It works! And those little things are becoming crucial things. I am very grateful to everyone who gave me at least a bit of the valuable time and helped me.

With this I want to say good bye to you and wish only the best to you and to your whole family.

The Lord with you, Němečková, Písek

Appendix: The cancer disappeared!

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