Zdeněk & Katka Uhlik - Czech Republic

Katka´s testimony:

katka In my childhood I had little awareness of God. In 1968, I was in my first grade, when the parish priests were expelled from schools. Since this time no one could teach us about God. I grew up in an atheistic family, nor was my second mom a believer. My grandmother from father´s side was a Catholic and a Communist at the same time. She never told us about Lord God, just has been trying to teach us little prayers like "my guardian angel", however, she did not teach us anything in particular.

Over the life I have met only three people who practiced their faith. One colleague from work was Jehova´s witness and one acquaintance was a former priest of Catholic Church, who got married and became a deacon. And the third person was from evangelical church and sent us to one couple near to Plzeň (Pilsen). This married couple led us to faith.

At this time, when I was reconsidering God´s existence, I was visiting a laic priest from church (where I was searching for answers to my questions such as what will be with a man after his death when he leaves his closest loved ones). Internally, I could not face the fact that I am buried into the soil and then nothing.

That was a time of searching and also of the first disunity with my husband, who did not want me to attend any church so that I would not disadvantage our children in their future social status. At that time my husband also dealt with the use of supernatural abilities to heal people in desire to help them.

In autumn 1988 during a visit of those believing people from Plzeň we have heard the good news. We have got an option to decide to honor God and be guided by His advice and have a life in heavens forever and do not have to forfeit God´s judgment and hell.

With those exceptional people we gratefully confessed our sins to the Lord Jesus and got a Bible from them. Since that time I have had the opportunity of getting to know the Lord God, who He is and who He is not, and what He wants from us and what He does not want. At certain points of my new life the Lord God freed me from many internal bondages from which I suffered as a result of ignorance of God and his love and his recommendations for life. He greatly enriched my personal life as well as our marital life with my husband.

I am very grateful to Him for it and as long as I breathe, I desire to be a good testimony for the Lord Jesus who taught me to live in grace and truth and I know that He alone sacrificed Himself on the cross for our sins and for our diseases.

To Him be the glory, Hallelujah.

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