Zdeněk & Katka Uhlik - Czech Republic

Our Vision

                                                WE LONG TO SEE OUR NATION RETURNING BACK TO CHRIST


Zdeněk's   testimony

Katka's   testimony

zdenek katka




Goals of our ministry

  • To give maximum of our time to prayers and preparation for ministry
  • To serve by word and prayer to build churches
  • To present seminars focused on evangelism, healing and deliverance
  • To keep developing our gifts in this ministry
  • To have a house for serving people in their needs
  • To build a team of experienced ministers in the area
  • To answer as many invitations to churches as possible
  • To serve according to the needs at conferences and in the media


How can you help us?

  • Intercessory prayers for this ministry
  • Financial support of our ministry


Currently, we live only by donations. Therefore, when invited, we need you to cover our travel expenses. We also accept with gratitude any financial donation according to the possibilities of your community. The form of our financial situation is just coming together from volunteer donors, thus we are grateful for any donation.


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