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Michaela Vlková

MaVlkov I have known Katka and Zdenek Uhlik on a grearter personal level since autumn 2014. They came to our church In Hradec Kralove to serve by lectures on prayer and evangelization, followed by evangelization itself in the evening hours in a non-Christian environment. I had a very deep and personal talk with Katka that day, closed by a prayer. Since then we have been in touch.

Last autumn was a most mentally severe period for me, as I was fighting with the very core of my being – my spiritual identity. I was experiencing great doubts about the fact of really being a God´s child. Whatever Bible passage I picked to read I could not think of myself otherwise than as of a self-willed person. Even though I clearly realized how much I needed God´s mercy and forgiveness, my depression state of mind, I was suffering from, made it impossible to perceive God differently than a strict judge who is very dissatisfied with my way of life and who will have no other option than to send me to the lake of fire.


Olinka Němečková, March 11, 2010

Good evening Mr. Uhlík, here is my story.
My husband committed suicide two and half years ago. He was so desperate that he jumped under a train. My life collapsed in this one moment. We lived together for 34 years and now I was left alone. I started to reproach myself that I probably could avoid it if I had more time for him. I went through rage and sorrow and ultimately the resignation arrived. That is when my health problems started. First, on the smaller scale, and I told myself I will follow my husband. Then other problems appeared, so severe that I fell into complete apathy. My life finished and I got lost and did not want to find the way back.

Help came along without my asking for it. My friend, who I respect enormously, has sent me your way, dear Mr. Uhlík. When you put your hands on my head and said those few beautiful sentences, which I did not fully understand, something happened which I have to call a miracle. The word miracle to me is something that cannot be reasonably explained, so I will describe it a little. Due to the fact I suffered with chilling I began to feel the heat flowing from the tips of my toes slowly into the whole body. It was very pleasant, but unnatural. I burst into tears, even though I had forgotten to cry before. I would compare it with someone cleaning the wound after snakebite.


Veronika Stehlíková, March, 2013

Hi Katka,

At first I bless you with peace. On that Saturday I was with my aunt on your seminar regarding healing and because I have read the challenge in New Avalanche I did not hesitate to write you back and describe what happened subsequently. I want to thank you for your great service that you are doing with your husband for people and thank you for your open heart, a warm reception and an effort to understand others. The first thing is that since the Saturday when you prayed for my illness (I suffer from migraines and usually under the care of doctors) I still did not have any attack! I thank the Lord every day when my head does not hurt. You are a great testimony and encouragement for me. Besides of this we tackled our relationship with my husband and I think a miracle occurred there, too. Because we are in the process of divorce, the papers for the first trial in court should have come. But we have not received them yet, only God knows why. Moreover, my husband began to take care of our children more intensively and was willing to sign the division of matrimonial property at the notary. (We were solving the issue of his debts and loans.) I pray fervently what to do next. May the Lord give me recognition of what is good and keep me only in His way and not in the ways of what I like. That is all, thank you again very much and be blessed in all areas of your life.

Monika J. CB Hradec Králové, April 3, 2014

Dear Katka and Zdeněk!
Thank you very much for your intercessory prayers for my "freeing" from the past, because I really lived through liberation and I experienced the closeness of God again, after a long time of solitude and desert. I could forgive myself and also those who hurt me in childhood and I finally put away the boulder that I was carrying with me so steadfastly and doggedly in my life, even after my conversion to Jesus. Now I do not have to fear what "comes next" any more as I am experiencing Jesus is back again with me!

Renata Zrníková , March 25, 2014

Hi Zdeněk and Káťa,

I would like to write you about my healing, which occurred after our meeting at the event at AC (Apostolic Church) held on Sunday, March 16th here in Ústí nad Labem, where you came and led the meeting, talking about "Miraculous Healing". For me it was a new experience to participate in the common prayers and listen to your words and messages that left a deep impression on me.

I had a cyst on the ovary in 3x3 cm size for three years. On Monday, March 17th I went to the doctor for another check. The whole time I was thinking intensely about what I heard on your meeting and as I was sitting in the waiting room before the office I said a prayer and asked God for healing. What was my surprise when during the ultrasound control my doctor wanted to measure the size of the cyst – but found nothing! At first he thought that he overlooked it, but even after a very careful monitoring of ultrasound there was no cyst, ovary is perfectly fine. Association with your teaching about "Miraculous healing" came to my mind, immediately.  Still in the doctor´s office I thanked God quietly for you and your prayers. I found and I have a faith in God also because of you and Káťa.

Thank you very much, I am grateful for meeting you, I think of you and wish you lots of love, health and strength for your journey.

Karel Petřík (13 years) March 30, 2014

Hi Zdeněk and Katka,

I would like to thank you this way for our meeting and mainly for your intercessory prayer in October 2013. At that time I came to you with my parents to Benátky nad Jizerou with diagnosis of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and swollen joints. My disease has not improved for a long time and I have lost all hope. After our meeting my condition began to improve gradually and now my joints are no longer swollen and I can rejoice again. I have got joy in my life again and I can play sports, which I greatly enjoy.

Thank you once again, and by this I would like to encourage all people in need not to give up and pray for healing to the Lord God.

Petra Danihelová, March 4, 2014

Apostolic Church (AC) Olomouc

In December I attended a seminar of Mr. and Mrs. Uhlík on internal healing. Although I have not felt any special sickness externally or inside and I live in faith for several years, the seminar still attracted me. I perceived the urgency in Katka´s speech and in the message which was passed to us. I was most impressed by the opinion that even sinless Christians can suffer long-term spiritual influences from the past or even the effects of a particular curse. With these influences it is simply hard to move as they reappear in our lives periodically with greater or lesser intensity. Theoretically, I understood that it is necessary to identify the cause of a problem. However, specific examples and the recommended publication "The Curse that Was Not Broken" helped me practically very much. On the basis of reading it, my husband and I decided together with our pastor to open certain things from our past and put an end to their influence, resolutely. Specifically, it was about the possible influence of demonic powers on our marriage and family. More and more things in which we have not had peace appeared suddenly during the prayer. It was necessary to reject and break various potential influences. We even discovered unconfessed sins of the past, which fundamentally embittered our relationship and marriage.

It is now obvious to us that the process of healing and complete liberation is just started. However, the weight of loads that gradually fell away is unspeakable. I believe that God beautifully timed all of these things and He strengthened and equipped us in advance, for example, I was baptized in Holy Spirit only a few days before your seminar.

I want to express great thanks to the couple of Mr. and Mrs. Uhlík, who stand bravely in the ministry, which is very much needed and inspirational for Christians and unbelievers, too.

Jana Kadlecová, Dec 2, 2012

My name is Jana, I live in Liberec and I am twenty one years old. My mother used to take me to church since I was little. When I was about fifteen years old I realized that I need Jesus. I have decided that I really want to obey and follow Him. But it is usually not easy. Especially in the moments when I was trying to be obedient from my own strengths, I failed. I also thought that I could earn God´s love. Zdeněk's lecture during Brodfest has brought change into my life; I felt that he serves God from love and not for the false feeling to smooth over his problems with God.

Once we had a common journey with Zdeněk and Katka Uhlík. We went to the funeral of preacher Otto Rusnok to Silesia. The evening after our arrival to Silesia the Uhlíks served in one local church and witnessed about how Jesus heals. Their words were a great encouragement for me, too, as I am praying personally for certain time that God would use me to pray for healing as well. It is written in the Bible: "These signs will accompany those who have believed: in my name they will cast out demons, (...), they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover." I trust these words and I would like to bring them into practice. I also have prayed for sick several times and refused to be discouraged by failure, because Jesus has greater insight than me and knows what He is doing. So, I keep praying when I feel I am led by the Lord, despite previous failures.

On that evening one lady sat next to me and after the lecture she told me that for twenty years she has sore knees. In that moment it was totally natural to ask Jesus for healing, so we prayed together for that. Nothing noticeable happened after the prayer and the lady went home. After few days I had chance to talk with Uhlíks and they passed me a message from her: I am very grateful that Uhlíks contacted you and I can in this way share my joy with you that Jesus gives us healing in his grace. My knees are fine – no pain at all and thank you for your prayers. I believe it is all God's grace and I like to pray for all other people in need." Thanks to grace of Jesus Christ her knees were healed.

In conclusion, I want to add that the life of Zdeněk and Katka and their ministry encourages me that even today it is possible to follow Christ and live with him, as it was in the time when he walked on the earth. We need to love Jesus and let Him act through us. Their love for God and obedience and devotion resulting from it is an example for me and it brings me to His ways.


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