Zdeněk & Katka Uhlik - Czech Republic

Bára and Michal

Hi Zdeněk,

I greet you very much. I do not know if remember me and my husband. We were together in Rampa in Vyškov, where you had a preaching with healing :-) I am sorry that we did not barely say good bye, but my husband hurried at home, a lot J. I just wanted to inform you because you prayed for our problems (scoliosis, gall bladder, and also for the pregnancy and my husband´s knee). So since that time my really did not hurt. I eat all possible and even impossible meals, which I could not eat before, so the gallbladder is fine, too. Moreover, I am at 7th week of pregnancy J. Husband´s knee does not hurt anymore, it is fully functional. So I thank God for that powerful use of you during our problems and thank very much to you, too.

With greeting from the heart your sister in Christ, Bára and Michal

Continuation of testimony:

Hi Zdeněk,
I announce, a boy Jirka Jan was born on Sep 9, 2011, as you prayed for us in Apostolic Church in Vyškov. We thank you once again that God used you so and we have a gorgeous boy.

Greeting, Bára, Michal, Míša a Jirka Jan, (Sep 16, 2011)

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