Zdeněk & Katka Uhlik - Czech Republic

Jana Kadlecová, Dec 2, 2012

My name is Jana, I live in Liberec and I am twenty one years old. My mother used to take me to church since I was little. When I was about fifteen years old I realized that I need Jesus. I have decided that I really want to obey and follow Him. But it is usually not easy. Especially in the moments when I was trying to be obedient from my own strengths, I failed. I also thought that I could earn God´s love. Zdeněk's lecture during Brodfest has brought change into my life; I felt that he serves God from love and not for the false feeling to smooth over his problems with God.

Once we had a common journey with Zdeněk and Katka Uhlík. We went to the funeral of preacher Otto Rusnok to Silesia. The evening after our arrival to Silesia the Uhlíks served in one local church and witnessed about how Jesus heals. Their words were a great encouragement for me, too, as I am praying personally for certain time that God would use me to pray for healing as well. It is written in the Bible: "These signs will accompany those who have believed: in my name they will cast out demons, (...), they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover." I trust these words and I would like to bring them into practice. I also have prayed for sick several times and refused to be discouraged by failure, because Jesus has greater insight than me and knows what He is doing. So, I keep praying when I feel I am led by the Lord, despite previous failures.

On that evening one lady sat next to me and after the lecture she told me that for twenty years she has sore knees. In that moment it was totally natural to ask Jesus for healing, so we prayed together for that. Nothing noticeable happened after the prayer and the lady went home. After few days I had chance to talk with Uhlíks and they passed me a message from her: I am very grateful that Uhlíks contacted you and I can in this way share my joy with you that Jesus gives us healing in his grace. My knees are fine – no pain at all and thank you for your prayers. I believe it is all God's grace and I like to pray for all other people in need." Thanks to grace of Jesus Christ her knees were healed.

In conclusion, I want to add that the life of Zdeněk and Katka and their ministry encourages me that even today it is possible to follow Christ and live with him, as it was in the time when he walked on the earth. We need to love Jesus and let Him act through us. Their love for God and obedience and devotion resulting from it is an example for me and it brings me to His ways.


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