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Irena (Zuzana) Wagnerová, Nov 15, 2011

This year, in early October, my husband had asked brother Uhlík to pray for my aching legs, which complicated my household works. I thought my problems are normal at my age so I was surprised and a little embarrassed and did not know what is going to happen. I prayed to my loving Jesus and told Him that I believe He has been dying also for me and that he wants to help me. Firstly, to heal my left eye that burned, hurt and was watering especially in the mornings after waking and in the evenings. Also I could see the dashed black lines and various rounded and incomplete circles during a day. Brother Uhlík read those beautiful Bible verses about healing and I was looking forward to it that it will be true in my case, too. After the prayer to the Lord Jesus, when brother asked for Jesus´s healing and then asked me to stand up from the chair, it did not go very smoothly; however I stood up better than before.
The Uhlíks were leaving and we went out with them saying good bye. Eventually, we went back into the house. At first I did not realize that I actually ran the first two steps without holding to the walls, as usual. Once I realized that, I went down those two steps and went back up again just easily without holding. My joy and thanks to Jesus, who heard the prayers of brother Uhlík and also of my half-hearted prayer, were HUGE.

In the evening, when I went to sleep after thanksgiving to the Lord for His mercy, the surprise came again. The left eye was acting as healthy – no burning, pain, or no black bars. I opened my eyes and shut again, everything was fine. I was squeezing my formerly sick eye, but it was healthy again. Before the prayer I could not lie on my left side so that the eye would not touch pillows and now this is a past. Praise the Lord!  Our good, kind, merciful and loving Lord Jesus touched my eye and my aching knees, my burning feet, which tingled. The cramps caught me not only during the day, but especially in the evenings when I laid down.

By writing this I want to celebrate Jesus, His loving Father and the Holy Spirit.

Bohumil Horký, May 7, 2014

Grace and peace to you, Zdenek and Katka!

I send the promised testimony. In the summer of 2013 I was at a church service in Olomouc, after which I asked Zdenek to pray with me for the healing of my sore back. Zdenek put hands on me and after a short prayer he took me by the hand and said that he and I will now bend to the floor. In the morning I could not bend even a little. My back ached because I have lowered the disc and I was just after two operations under general anesthesia in the maxillary sinus and a long stay in the hospital caused my pain.

When Zdenek made the suggestion I had a little doubts, but together with him I bent to the ground - to my astonishment - absolutely painlessly. Hallelujah! God is amazing!

May the Lord mightily bless you!

Dagmar Ručková, July 1, 2014

Hi Katka,

I write to thank you for the ministry you are doing with your husband. I am very grateful to God because of you. On November 24th 2012 you served our youth in our CB (Church of Brethren) in Český Těšín. I was not there but I was listening to it online. I felt and I believe that the Holy Spirit has led me to ask you with my husband for a prayer for the healing of our daughter Anička. Since her three years Anička (now 9yrs old) suffered of repeated inflammation of the bladder, which was manifested by high temperatures, bacteria in the urine, pain in abdomen and systematic enuresis. We have passed number of tests with her and those were always negative. We were searching for alternative treatment – herbs, exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, etc. Nothing helped. Inflammation was always treated with antibiotics; sometimes she was taking antibiotics (a quarter of the dose) for half a year without a break. Inflammation always appeared from 4 to 6 times a year.  The entire family, friends, our home Bible group, we all prayed for healing. Prayers were answered.  On Sunday, November 25, thanks to your gift of prayer for healing, Anička was healed fully. Since that day, we visited nephrology for already three times. Anička has no trouble at all.

I praise the Lord for you. Thank you once again.

Let the Lord bless your ministry.

Bára and Michal

Hi Zdeněk,

I greet you very much. I do not know if remember me and my husband. We were together in Rampa in Vyškov, where you had a preaching with healing :-) I am sorry that we did not barely say good bye, but my husband hurried at home, a lot J. I just wanted to inform you because you prayed for our problems (scoliosis, gall bladder, and also for the pregnancy and my husband´s knee). So since that time my really did not hurt. I eat all possible and even impossible meals, which I could not eat before, so the gallbladder is fine, too. Moreover, I am at 7th week of pregnancy J. Husband´s knee does not hurt anymore, it is fully functional. So I thank God for that powerful use of you during our problems and thank very much to you, too.

With greeting from the heart your sister in Christ, Bára and Michal

Continuation of testimony:

Hi Zdeněk,
I announce, a boy Jirka Jan was born on Sep 9, 2011, as you prayed for us in Apostolic Church in Vyškov. We thank you once again that God used you so and we have a gorgeous boy.

Greeting, Bára, Michal, Míša a Jirka Jan, (Sep 16, 2011)

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